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do you even know what i am suffering

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Dear All

Do you have any idea of what i am suffering, well the answer is No , do you know what a transgender Lesbian means, i guess you say you know but you dont , you have no idea of what a transgender lesbian means,

Well i am one, i was born in a male body i didnt choose, i dont want to be a male, i want and i feel that i am a girl. i like everything about a girl and i want to be one, i want to be a lesbian, i am this since i was 16 , and sometimes when i can i wear girls cloth, but sadly i am alone and i cant find a girl to understand me, coz of everyone is the same like you all , just think i am here for fun or hooking up girls and thats it, so NOOO you dont know what i am suffering

All i wish is to find a girl that understand me, help me be a girl, talk to me and be my friend, which seems to be hard in Egypt, coz i am only cursed or accused of things not true,

I am not into Guys or Gays or even same transgenders like me i am only into girls and i am looking even for MOC ,with a lesbian to live free from everything.

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    Hey Zina,

    Sorry that we have done those thing that to make you feel that way. If you want to talk we can. Trying to decipher who is really needing help online is hard since there are people who do make account to troll. I don’t think anything is wrong with the way you feel about yourself. You’re a girl, I accept how you are.

    I am up for listening, talking and learning more. You can PM if you want .

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    It’s ok to feel what you feel and desire what you desire and you should know people are always going to be people, with their own opinions and shit but you can chose to live your life, love yourself and be damm others. They didn’t create you and they sure don’t have to dictate your life.
    Hope you can be happy with yourself first before looking for someone to accept you for we create our own happiness!

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  • how can i be happy when i am alone< yes i love myself but the world i live in doesnt love me, i am alone

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    Seconding what Honey said. The happiest times in my life have been when I'm alone, when I can direct all that affection onto myself and really focus on being the best version of me. It can feel lonely and that can be isolating, but I'm glad I had those times to establish with myself what I deserve and how to be treated, even just in my own head.

    You are wonderful, you are valid. Spend this time taking care of you and trust that something will come along one day-- and when it does you will be a whole person with so much to offer to her partner.

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    I'm really sorry that you have to deal with all of this.. but did you try to find a support system, you really do need one at this moment, if you can't find someone trustworthy, please try and talk to a therapist or a psychiatrist not to force you to do something you don't want to, but to talk to and help you to achieve what you want to achieve..

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