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Arab & white dating

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Dear readers,

I recently faced some difficulties - or recently realised - about international or interracial dating. I very often feel the cultural differences which I considered always as something positive, but since a while I feel hard to get closer to someone.
I’m a white guy, love the Middle East, including the culture and the good looking people too I’m living also in the Middle East. To be honest, I look different so many people like me, flirt with me day by day. But this like stops by the surface. I consider very hard to get closer to anyone even on a friendly level. Sometimes the language differences cause also trouble. Sometimes maybe what’s funny for me, might be offensive to someone else from a different culture. Obvious minedilds like politics and religion I always avoid even to mention.
If anyone has a partner from western background or ever had a long(er) relationship, I would love to hear some ideas, how is/was it, how did you get close to each other, did you have difficulties too...
The Middle East was my dream, but I feel quite lonely now. .


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