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coming to terms with a love-less life

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I have always built my dreams around finding the love of my life one day; having that significant other who I would share the joyful and sad moments with. Coming home to someone who loves me unconditionally, with all their heart. Someone who'd never let me be lonely ever again.

However, it occurred to me at some point that I might never have that. There is no guarantee that I would ever do. Love is a luxury that not everyone gets lucky enough to experience. As sad as it sounds, there are many people who have never been loved back, I might easily be one of them.

The problem is that I can't picture my life in the future without that element in it. We all like to be strong and independent, but i shamelessly admit that I do need love in my life, and I would never consider it complete without it.

The older I get, the more it seems like a far-fetched dream. I want to be okay with the idea that there is a chance that I may never meet the love of my life. How do I come to terms with this possibility? Have you ever had the same thoughts?

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    Well, I think In some point the thought occurred to most if not all of us, especially after a break up with someone with whom you shared years of common life, you automatically say to yourself it’s over I’ll never let myself in the same position ever again, I’ll never do this and that, then after you get over the person ( which might happen if the love wasn’t real) you’ll start searching for love again and for someone who’ll complete you, cause we have to admit as humans we all need physical and emotional connection with others.
    Of course there’s a chance you’ll never find someone who’ll love you back or as much as you do, and there’s a chance you might, the odds are always there and we can never know. Personally I’ve quit searching for a while and then out of the blue I found what I always wanted, and guess what ? It feels okay not something thrilling as I imagined or anything.
    This been said, you can never know what the wind will bring you in it’s way, so In the meanwhile take good care of yourself and be who you want to be, for when love will trike, you’ll there to welcome it, and if it doesn’t, you’ll have yourself.

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    if you are serious add me... I want some one want love not sex not play....
    Comitment... Person
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    Certainly love yourself but do not give up hope. Often we find what we most need when we are not looking for it.

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      completely agree with this comment above, so absolutely true. it comes to us when we're sometimes at our lowest and loneliest point and the more your love yourself the more attractive others will find you.

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    • finding a new love or the person when you stop looking for him/her they will happen to be one day..somehow that is not true.

      Past on my own experience for that I got to find two love life’s in my life and then both were wrecked and smashed. Then i kept my self busy and taking good care of my self and all that you mention out being content ,clearing thoughts , getting busy, being confident and healthy or fit all that won’t help you find the one

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    when you find love when you werent looking for it, thats the kind of partner you will always want to hold on to.

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