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How can i move on?

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She was my first, we met online and gradually we trusted each other and we became real good friends we talked all day shared every detail we knew everything about each other. Then it evolved when it shouldn't have we became so attached and very quickly it became so intense and so intimate.

For reasons out of our control circumstances that we knew where there from the start we left each other, it was me i said we should end this, I said i couldn't do it though it's her that i want so deeply. I regret saying that i regret leaving her.

And now i see her and it seems she has moved on she's with someone else and i can't accept that i keep telling myself that's not real she loves me she is waiting for me. Yet it seems it is real and it is killing me. I still call and text and ask to see her and when i do it all comes back rushing and i start all over again wanting her more needing her more aching for how she made me feel.

I know i should move on but it seems i don't want to i can't i am unable to. i stay away for a while then i keep going back at first it's heaven just hearing her voice or seeing her for a couple of hours and then it is hell the moment we say goodbye.

How do i do it? How do i move on? Can it be done aslan, i feel i am torturing myself it is just torture .


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    Okay if I were you I would have put an end for this maybe you can meet her and ask her one question... Do you still have feelings for me? Do you think about me before going to bed? If the answer was yes maybe you have a chance to get back together if the answer was no I'm sorry I moved on then you have no choice but leaving don't cut her out I mean don't talk to her or see her till you're sure that you have no feelings for her I know it's really hard to get over someone who shared his life with you .. but it's so unhealthy to think about someone who doesn't care about you.. I really hope it goes well .. Best of luck we all here for you ♥️

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    If thinking about someone was a choice it would have been easier not to..but it is not..
    The thing that it is always more difficult for the one who is left behind..the one who moves on khalas got a life n is back to his or her normal one..
    I believe though that noone is perfectly happy..those whom u see smiling n laughing have sth botherin them u dunno abt..n u wont n mayb they dun even living happily is relative..she has moved on mayb..survived ..did wt it took for her to cope with that new life..
    I dun agree on coming doesnt might for hrs as u said..maybe days or weeks but it wont last..
    Move on..keep urself is better not to get attached that much to someone so dun do the same mistake again so ur in charge of ur own life..move on..we r all struggling n she is a journey tht we have to go is never enjoyable unfortunately!

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    really sorry to hear this. i can relate to the pain you are going through. went through it many times. it helped the most when i started removing this person from social media and all other sites i follow them on including whatsapp and all that. this helped prevent me from keeping to reach out and have hope in something that wont happen.

    each time this happened to me i found someone much much better for me and a more suitable lover. you will definitely get over her and its just a matter of time. easier said than done but give it a few days, weeks, a few months, step by step you'll move on and develop an interest and attraction/attachment to other people. no doubt.

    the most important step to moving on is really block them from your life though to remove the temptation of reaching out always. without this its impossible to move on and you will develop an unhealthy jealousy about the new person they are with, nothing hurts more than seeing pictures and posts about their new relationship. dont do this to yourself it is absolute torture.

    "can it be done aslan"

    oh yes 100%!!!!! already by starting the grieving process for the loss you are on your way there.

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