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Visit UAE - lesbian couple - what to expect

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Hi guys,

me and my girlfriend are bloggers (, actually LGBTQ Travel bloggers and we are currently planning a trip to the UAE (most likely Dubai and Abu Dhabi) in the fall.

Since we are not the typical tourist genre, we would like to get clarification on some points, without offending anybody of course!

1) is it safe to travel to those countries (we will of course respect the local culture, laws and regulations in terms of homosexuality, so no public touching, kissing etc)

2) are there any LGBTQ organizations, or spots, parties etc (we would looooove to meet the LGBTQ scene)

3) sometimes, hotels, tourist agencies etc sponsor us (free stay in exchange of IG posts, twitter, blog articles, advertising etc) . Are there any companies you could reccomend or should we not get in touch with them, explaining that we are a LGBTQ travelblog and asking for cooperations.

Unfortunately there are a lot of different opinions when it comes to LGBTQ tourism and acceptance in the UAE, but we really want to visit them and check it out by ourselfes.

Any places / tour / restaurant / bar etc recommendations are of course welcome. If you would like to get in touch with us in private, please send an email to:, or twitter: @travuniqorn / IG : travuniqorn / fb:



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