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Ahwaa's facebook page is filled with homophobic slurs!!!

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I have been following Ahwaa's facebook page for quite sometime and i have noticed that it hasn't been active since 2016 and most of it's previous posts have many homophobic slurs and condemning us all to hell and saying that this page is made to spread homosexuality. still those homophobes think it's contagious and then we all the ones who are being made fun of...
I hope that something could be done about this.

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    That's true, and to be honest we gave up on it. Facebook has not been very helpful when we complained to them, and in fact their response was to threaten to delete our page. For this reason we are not keeping it active to protect the members there so that no one experiences bullying through targeted attacks which Facebook facilitates. Such a shame there's so much hate.

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