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Cairo visit in December!!

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Hello Y'all,

I am Joey from New York City, 25, gay and will be visiting Cairo in December. I have random both positive and negative thoughts in my mind about Cairo. A lot of questions on my mind: Would it be safe for an American? Would I be able to find gay friends?

I asked some of my Arabic friends and they dont discuss these topics openly. Finally I found Ahwaa and just wana say that this is an amazing forum to discuss issues of LGBT community in Middle East.

Any piece of advise would highly be appreciated.

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    Hey Joey !
    Well you wont find gay frds that easy in Egypt we all hide in a mini closet .. i recommand u Not to show ur real Side in public coz after our musical festival we faced many problms with The LGBT :/

    Just enjoy the weather and the early morning walks ..

    Best of luck

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