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Real love

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Does it exist?????
I am not looking neither for a casual thing nor a short term relationship
I am looking for a descent honest commitment , is it that hard ????
Someone to lean on in my hard times not someone who only exist when she needs to have some fun
Someone who can make sacrifices , do some effort
and hate emotional games.

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    I guess everyone is seeking his own good and lots of pple don't like commitment as it requires a lot to do, care, giving and love are not easy. And lots of pple enter relationships cuz they're in need of something, once this something is not found, things turn bad.
    Love for it's sake is RARE now, it's shocking i know.. But unfortunately it's a fact.

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    My own personal definition of love is accepting and appreciating one another as we are.
    Many people are alone and lonely because they are looking for love but in a certain form or packaging , and this is the big problem
    Love is all around us , my advice to you dear …stop waiting for love to find you , stop looking for love where it cannot be found

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    Good point...i became desperate anyway w mkbra dma3'y

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  • I wish to find that kind of person as well. Someone who can tell me what stories and tag me on memes and go out with me. I want someone who makes me forget thay people are staring at me or helps me overcome my anxiety:/
    But don't worry,each one of us will find their mate one day.

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  • 12-16_m_a_h3_f1

    I think we need an app (I KNOW MANY WILL BE LIKE PLS NO MORE APPS) for love seekers, because I dont get it why so many of us exist and yet we single

    Someone mentioned that we want it in a certain package which is a big problem, but I think what's missing is a serious platform where we can have the numbers...and with numbers its means people can have a choice. For example straight people got all these different social media they can use to hook up or find love but there are specific sites that are for serious marriage seekers like (mostly used by desis I believe) and they have this way of selecting and matching individuals according to their wants and interests.

    I say this because is there hope for people finding love on grindr and co apps? People turn to these apps seeking love but they get there and are met with all these nice and hot looking people who are in for casual fun, so you either join them or delete and stay miserable

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