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I am back

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Wow, it's been such a long time since I last visited the forum and there has also been so many changes going on in my life.
So the reason why I just disappeared all of a sudden was because even though I am 22 already, my parents think it is okay to search my phone and read my chats.
So long story short, my mother found out about my sexuality, even though all she found was intellectual conversations about it with strangers and no sexting or whatever it was still a disaster to her.
She tried to get me a therapist who spoke about homosexuality in the most ignorant way possible but at the same time wanted to treat my depression, it was seriously hell.
I was also given limited access to Internet and that explains why I could not be here for long.
So here I am, pretending to be totally straight so that I can avoid trouble until I become independent or find a way to leave this country.
But hey there's a bright side after all, I learned to trust my friends because I talked to them about it and came out to most of them and they all had my back, so it's not that bad.
And now that it has almost 6 months since what happened, I can safely return to posting here. I missed this place .

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    First, I'm really sorry you had to go through that! It sucks when you don't have any privacy especially around family. For me it makes a huge difference when I am able to talk to other people about my identity, so not having access to do that would change my life in a negative way.

    Hope also you find your way to total independence. Until then, just know that you will always have a home and friends here Welcome back!!

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    First welcome back and i am so sorry for all you have gone through,it is very difficult like Reem said to be controlled and not being able to do the simple things in life freely and at any time we want like surfing the net or talking to whoever ,i am glad u r back and u r safe and i wish that u get your independence soon and be more free to live your life the way u wish and want .

    just remember we r all here a family and friends u can talk to anytime u want

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    Really felt for you when I read this, very sorry! glad to have you back.

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    Welcome back Reem. My heart aches for your ordeal.

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    welcome back
    fuck for every one in you life
    The most important psychological comfort

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